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The mission of Common Cup Ministry is to gather and share spiritual and financial resources into one "Common Cup" so that we may minister to those in need. 

Member churches continue to use their Good Samaritan-type funds for aid to their congregational members. Through a voucher system Common Cup funds are administered by volunteers, to help those who fall between the cracks of other assistance. Common Cup Ministry volunteers provide spiritual ministry as well as financial and emotional resources and support.


Common Cup Ministry is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization governed by a board of directors from member churches and Ministerial Association of Hutchinson and Glencoe / Silver Lake / Plato. In addition, member churches have representatives on an Advisory Council that meet with the Director monthly. This council helps with communication and planning issues for the future of Common Cup Ministry.


Below are some of the ways Common Cup assists those in need. Please also see our RESOURCE GUIDE.

Funds available on a limited basis for: 

  • Lodging - Motel

  • Rental application / Supplement to deposit/rent

  • Medical Resource

  • Utility Assistance on limited basis

Food-Food Outreach:

  • Referrals to McLeod Co. Emergency Food Shelf

  • Mini food shelf

  • Weekend Food Program for students ages Headstart - 6th Grade in Mcleod County


  • Trailblazer Tokens

  • Auto Fuel per guidelines

Assistance Criteria:

Those asking for assistance will be asked to sign a waiver to permit the disclosure of information as needed. 

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