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BackPack Food Program

The 2020 Summer Feeding Program will run June 8 - August 14. It will be closed June 29 - July 3. Times are from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM at Park Elementary & 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM at the Hutchinson Middle School. 

Sponsor a McLeod County elementary student for the year.  

$200 will provide weekend food and school supplies.

The "Backpack" Food Program is a program to send food home in the backpacks of area elementary school students who receive free and reduced-price lunches.  The food will be placed discreetly in the students' backpacks on Fridays, to help tide them over the weekend. During the summer it helps support our Summer Lunch Program.

We are always in need of your donations (sometimes more desperately than others).  If you would like to donate food use the list to the right to help you shop for items.  We would prefer monetary donations as we can make your dollars go further with our bulk buying options.  But the bottom line is we need your support! Please consider a donation to an organization that uses your funds in your community. These dollars stay local!

Click here to see a complete listing of free meals available in or community.

Shopping List
  • Small boxes of cereal

  • Fruit cups/applesauce cups

  • Hot chocolate packets

  • 100% juice boxes

  • Pudding cups

  • Instant oatmeal packets

  • Kraft Easy Mac packets

  • Granola bars

  • "Jif to Go" small peanut butters

  • Chef Boyardee cups

  • Beanee Weenee (7.75 oz)

  • Carnation Instant Breakfasts

  • Small boxes of raisins

Click here for a printable PDF Shopping List

For food donations, you can leave in the following convenient drop locations: 

  • Cashwise of Hutchinson

  • Coborns of Glencoe

Items can be left in drop boxes or specially marked shopping carts at the checkout area

Volunteer Calendar

We need your help to keep our summer feeding program staffed! Look for opportunities in summer of 2020!

Kids corner

Links to healthy eating and nutrition resources


Businesses and organizations who help make this program possible. 

Who is Hunger Free McLeod

Hunger Free McLeod, part of the Common Cup Ministry organization, is a group of volunteers that are trying to help those in McLeod County that are not receiving the food that they need.  Even though there are government programs that provide food assistance to people in need of assistance, and there are other sources of assistance, there are still hungry people. 

There are people who qualify for and are using the available programs but are not getting enough assistance to meet their food needs.

There are others who do not qualify for government assistance who are having trouble finding a way to afford to buy the food they need.  These include:

  • Children who are not getting enough food to eat when they are not in school. 

  • Families in which the bread winners are experiencing a loss of income due to job loss, reduced hours, reduced benefits, etc.  In these families it has become difficult to make house payments, to pay other bills, and to still be able to buy groceries.

  • Elderly people on fixed incomes that are having trouble finding a way to buy food and to also pay their other bills. 

These “missing meals gaps” are what Hunger Free McLeod strives to fill.

Hunger Free McLeod's Mission

To leverage available food resources to provide food to people who would otherwise be missing meals.  We are doing this within the framework of Common Cup Ministry as part of their larger overall mission.  

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